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Congratulations everyone, brokemodel has been nominated for a 2016 RabbitsReviews RISE Award and I could not have done it with out your support. 2016 will be even a more amazing year for us check out Rabbits Review's for honest quality site reviews and information on the content as well as discounts on other sites before you purchase !

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope everyone get’s every gift they want and spoils themselves or the ones they love rotten and remember your girlfriend can not say no to anal on Christmas !

Happy Halloween so I guess since this is the second year in a row I did a shoot of a girl as a cat that It has not become the first Brokemodel.com tradition and every year from now one I will do an extra bonus shoot of some sexy kittens. This year’s frisky chicken dinner comes in the form of 19 year old wantabee Persian model Delilah. This reformed slut is doing the best to repair her image of herself in her head. Hopefully she gives up that failing endeavor and jumps on my cock ASAP. I have been getting some girls with amazing body’s lately but Delilah Sets the bar up another notch. I mean holy evil Halloween fuck batman her tits are a perfect 32DD! I had to hide my raging hard-on the whole time and you all know I love corrupting impressionable youths I give it a month top’s before her new moral crusade is kicked to the curb and she is riding my with my cum pouring out her asshole! Well at least I can dream right as well as you can. I am really crossing my fingers for this one guys and if I get it than it will be an epic shoot that I promise will blow all your minds. I love the challenge of getting my cock into another teen slut and this one is dead in the middle of my cross hairs wish me luck!

Help me grow the site by getting me something that will enable me to shoot hotter models. For my loyal fans they know that I do everything myself and its a lot of work I also have to pay all the models myself and that's hard to launch a site and get new updated equipment to help me get the site to grow! So please grab me something off the site! Lets have my birthday month be bad ass ! Or if you want to send me something more personal to show you care you can send it to

Brokemodel.com 4400 N. Scottsdale Road #9101 Scottsdale , AZ 85251
Here is a direct link to my Amazing wish list HERE!
P.S. - If someone gets me bad ass gifts to help the site you will get special prizes in return such as custom shoots or skype shows. Or maybe some of the girls panties or other items I have from past shoots saved as prizes !

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